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Fitness Guides

Workout with Annie Home Edition

What's included?

8 week home guide / 5 days a week

Equipment needed: resistant band, kettle bell, dumbbell & skipping rope

Facebook group Access

Based on all my own training

Price: £25.00 / $35.00 / €28.00


Workout with Annie Ramage

What's included?

5 week training programme / continue programme after the weeks have finished to continue on strength and form.

6 workouts a week / fit the plan around your lifestyle.

Access to Facebook community group

Covering FULL body workouts

Videos included on each exercise

Guide is based all on my own training

Price: £25.00 / $35.00 / €28.00


About Me

I have been training on and off for over 4 years. In January 2017 i decided i needed to up my game and change the way i was training and get myself a plan in place. My health wasn't great, i suffered with Anaemia badly from the age of 12 and it was affecting me a lot. This is why I am extremely excited to be able to share the best workouts with you guys that I have learnt over the years.
Fitness isn't always about loosing weight, its about creating the positivity within your body and having confidence.
I strive to be helping people achieve their goals and this is exactly what motivated me to create this guide for you all. I believe it will help boost your confidence and motivate you in all directions.
I wanted to make this guide easy to follow and understandable for you all.


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